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Welcome to Pack 788!

We meet year round for family fun and character building activities for boys in Grades 1-5!  Be sure to look at our calendar for upcoming events.  New Scouts are welcome to join at ANY time throughout the year.  If you have questions or comments, please feel free to let us know using our "Contact Us" form.
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Pack Meeting - Monday November 30

Posted on Nov 26 2015 - 3:57pm

We are planning a super fun pack meeting on Monday, November 30. We have soooooooo many awards to present to the scouts, including a few new Tiger rank awards!

And then we will proceed with pie throws! We have nine scouts who earned the right to participate by selling enough popcorn. Three scouts who sold between $300 and $449 worth of popcirn will have the opportunity to throw one pie at the leader of their choice. Six scouts who sold more than $450 worth of popcorn will have the opportunity to throw two pies at the leaders of their choice. That's a total of 15 pies!

We are also asking each family who attends the November pack meeting to bring 2 packages of nonperishable food to donate to the Central Virginia Food Bank. The donations can include canned food, packages of pasta, and similar items. This is an optional activity, but any donations would be appreciated. 

We hope to see everyone at the pack meeting on Monday!

RESCHEDULED: Special Guests at our Pack Meeting, December 14th!

Posted on Nov 25 2015 - 2:23pm

As you know we have our Holiday Pack Meeting scheduled for Monday, December 14th.  This is a Pack Meeting you are not going to want to miss.  We will be having some very special guests brought to us by Reptile Adventures.  Yes, Reptile Adventures!!!  Join us for an evening of meeting and learning about some of these misunderstood reptiles and amphibians.  Possible visitors are:  Burmese Python, Red Tail Boa, Green Iguana, Glass Lizard, Spur Thigh Tortoise, just to name a few.  Parents, since this is a very special visit, please explain to the Scouts and any brothers and sisters that will be attending that they need to be on their best behavior so everyone can hear the presentation and get the maximum amount of fun out of the special visitors.  We will be starting the Pack meeting at 6:30 pm promptly in the Garage Building at Christ Church Episcopal. (If you are interested in learning more about Reptile Adventures and what you have to look forward to Monday night, check out their website at  http://www.reptileadventure.biz/About.html)

2016 Pack 788 Pinewood Debry - Rules and Prizes

Posted on Nov 24 2015 - 11:27am

2016 Pack 788 Pinewood Derby is right around the corner!

Pinewood Derby Informational Movie Night <> December 4, 2015 6:30pm <> GCC Building ("Garage")


Get your car kits, Derby rules and helpful tips at this informational meeting and learn about this exciting event.

We will be having popcorn & watching the Down & Derby movie on the big screen!  Bring your blankets, pillows and wear your pajamas!

Parent participation and uniforms

Posted on Nov 5 2015 - 10:46am


Just as a reminder: Some points from previous communications regarding Parent participation and uniforms.

“REMINDER: Parents may NOT drop their scouts off for Pack meetings and Pack events. At least one parent or other adult must accompany and supervise the scout at these events. No exceptions. Thank you.”

Although we encourage Parents to participate in Den Meetings, however except for Tiger Den Meetings we do not require Parents accompany their scout during the Meeting.   Until the scout is retrieved by the parent, guardian, or authorized adult the scout must remain with the Den Leader.   No meeting your scout in the parking lot or in front of the building is allowed.

All scouts should have complete uniforms (and books) by now.  If you are missing anything or missing some items from Pack 788, please contact your Den Leader directly.

“Uniforms: Make sure that your son has and wears a complete uniform (hat, uniform shirt, neckerchief, neckerchief slide, official belt). We ask that boys wear either the official dark blue cub scout pants or shorts OR some other dark blue shorts or pants—blue jeans would be acceptable. Webelos wear a tan shirt. Boys should arrive at pack meetings in complete uniform with their shirts tucked in and looking neat. Please NO shoes with wheels at den or pack events!

Our Class B T-shirts are acceptable for Den Meetings, hikes, camping, and other events as directed by Den Leaders. The T-Shirts are also available for leaders, parents and other scout supporters for $15. Returning scouts should already have a Class B T-shirt and starting this year all scouts will receive a new Class B T-shirt as part of the Pack Activity Fee. New scouts received a Pack 788 Baseball Cap included with their membership.”

The Leaders of Pack 788 will communicate the proper attire as it relates to future den events.

Our Scouting Year is well underway!

Posted on Oct 29 2015 - 3:07pm

Dear Parents,

Our Scouting Year is well underway!   We had a great campout and a very exciting Halloween Pack Meeting with many, many, many fun costumes!   Our Den Meetings are being well attended and the scouts are learning and having fun!

Unless your Den Leader indicates that Class B (T-Shirts) can be worn at a Den Meeting, your Scout is required to wear Class A Uniform at all Den Meetings, Pack Meetings or Pack Events.   For those who need some guidance I have attached a guide for what is needed below.

As a side note, we are mainly through our administrative progress with the new/returning scouts and now preparing for our re-charter process.

I have included the previous communciations below;

Halloween Pack Meeting

Posted on Oct 21 2015 - 9:44pm

Halloween Pack Meeting

October 26, 2015, 6:30pm

GCC Building ("Garage"), Christ Episcopal Church



Our next pack meeting is on October 26th beginning at 6:30pm at Christ Episcopal Church. This is a Halloween party and scouts (and adults/siblings) are welcome and encouraged to wear costumes. If your child does not want to wear a costume then have him dress as their favorite scout!

Plan for a night of fun!

Planned activities include:

Best Costume Contest;

            Best Costume for each Group; Tigers, Wolfs, Bears, Webelos& Siblings – Prizes Awarded

            Best Costume for the Entire Pack – Price Awarded

Special Activity


A Halloween Gift for everyone

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